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3 Year Specialization Programme

Students will learn how to create portfolios and how to best present their work. They will be taught modules like 'Transformable System & Spaces', where they will study techniques and systems, which can transform spaces but do not compromise on comfort or aesthetics. The student will be introduced to 'Vastu' & 'Feng Shui', which is based on traditional and spatial planning by using various kinds of methods and applications.

Students will also study the specialized subject, 'Bathroom and Kitchen', as this will help them broaden their perspectives and design the kitchens & bathrooms as per the requirement.

Students can work as:

  • Interior designers in both commercial and residential projects
  • 'Vastu' and 'Feng Shui' consultants
  • Specialized designers to design luxury bathrooms or luxury kitchens
  • Freelancers
  • Colour consultants
  • Interior stylists
  • Remodeling consultants
  • Vendors or consultants for architects, builders and construction companies
  • Interior design entrepreneurs