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2 - Year Super Specialization Programme

This is a 2-year practical and industry-focused programme, which prepares students for the challenges of the glamorous fashion industry.

This pioneering new program will challenge students to explore fashion when theory meets practice, positioning them to forge a future for themselves in an industry that is innovative and interdisciplinary. It also offers unique opportunities to transform concepts into tangible products, services and experiences. The main objective of this super specialization programme in Fashion Design is to acquire an in-depth knowledge of the industry in all aspects through an integrated approach between creative, cultural, product marketing and communication aspects.

Make your move towards a higher qualification, name and fame. Opt for the Super Specialisation Program in Fashion Design at London School of Trends.

The course will cover the following modules:

  • Garment Construction Techniques
  • Technical Fashion Illustrations
  • Creative Surfaces and Textiles
  • World Costumes and Textiles
  • Draping Art
  • Surface Ornamentation Techniques
  • Media and Communication for Fashion
  • Textile Care and Handling