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3-Year Specialization Programme

Student will learn how to create porffolios and how to best present their work. They will study modules like Fashion Concept and Design Development, which will help them, understand the process of creating professional fashion portfolios step by step.

Students will also be introduced to modules like Couture Tailoring, Drafting, Creative Embroideries & Embellishments, Decorative Fabrics & Materials, Care Renovation and Finishing of Textiles, which will enable them to develop couture, garments. Apart from this, they will learn about Retail Marketing, Visual Merchandising and Promotional Product Development to push their future job prospects.

After completing the third year specialisation program, students can take up the following professions:

  • Designer for couture garments
  • Visual merchandiser in the retail sector
  • Marketing manager in the retail sector
  • Fashion illustrator
  • Fashion entrepreneur
  • Fashion consultant
  • Professional stylist
  • Freelance designers