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Fashion Design

Armed with yarn, sequins, and threads we educate our students to be fashion warriors with a sole purpose to go out and Design a beautiful world.

We train them to evolve ordinary clothing into style statements. The students are educated about various trends and the application of particular apparel in various circumstances. The students gain fashion, creative, technical, and business skills needed to design clothing and accessories in due period of the course.

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Interior Design

A specialised profession of converting basic square feet to aesthetic and convenient setting where the intended activities can be held is interior designing. Our esteemed faculty transcends their industrial knowledge to our students to make them comprehend the various activities an interior designer has to conduct. Accordingly the students specialise in retail, commercial, government or hospitality spaces. Our students learn the fine art of converting corners to social circles, twisting ordinary spaces for the benefit of the greater good. They are trained to use various elements to develop a functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing space for a building's user- in all adding to a beautiful world.

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