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About INIFD Andheri

Everything the human civilization consumes, operates or resides in has design as a very integral part of it. Design is an aspect of our life which is omnipresent, it resides in every speck of our surroundings. The difference is only a few choose to accept this, and those who wish to contribute to it- we educate them to do it with beauty.

Since our inception in 2003, we have delivered quality two thousand designers who have influenced the environment in a beautiful way. Such a testimony has been achieved with Mr. Vivek Gautam's vision to commitment towards quality education, which not only helps the student's comprehend but inspires them to innovate. Our esteemed faculty with their esteemed volume of knowledge guide the students to blend art with usability. The curriculum is crafted to channel the student's talent to future. Located in Andheri, INIFD (Ishan Education) attracts top design talent from across the country.

Awarded a Beautiful World.

  • Awarded by 'Global quality awards',"Best fashion & Interior designing institute"
  • Education Excellence award '14 for "fashion Designing institute of the year".
  • Best Academic Centre of INIFD among 180 centers.
  • Best Fashion Designing Institute in Mumbai 2011/2012.
  • Most Promising Fashion Design institute in Maharashtra 2013.